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We are currently not open for student registration. We are accepting tutor applications for this upcoming summer!

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Welcome to Elloquently

ELLoquently is a free online English tutoring service. With over 200 students around the globe and 95 tutors, we focus on helping students further their English skills and provide a fun, safe learning environment in which both our students and tutors can learn from each other. ELLoquently requires a minimal commitment with just one hour a week. Tutors can also take one or multiple students as they see fit with their schedules.

Our curriculum focuses around exactly what the student needs. We have books for all levels of readers, articles to help younger students think critically, and full chapter books in case they’d like to read a story. We also have games and online activities to help students have fun and learn English! 


Tutors, upon signing up, will be given access to our vast collection of English teaching resources. We have instructional documents to help you when tutoring and one of our team members will sit in on your first session and make sure everything is going smoothly. Unless you can take more, the minimum requirement is one student for one hour a week.

Student Testimonials

Take a look at what our students have to say about ELLoquently.

“Thank you Elloquently for showing me that regardless of my English level, it is possible to be able to express who I am if I have an open mind to new experiences and attempts.” – Arthur Farias, Brazil

“During this process, the ELLoquently team always cares about my experience with my tutor. I really appreciate that. Now, my speaking skill has improved a lot. I feel more confident in having conversations with other people in English. Getting involved in ELLoquently is a great experience for me. Thank you so much!” – Nhu Nguyen, Vietnam

It was a unique and a new experience to me. I could learn more, and my English is better. I feel more confident speaking and the meeting with Pauline is always different, so I can learn in a fun way; I really recommend Elloquently.” -Joyce Fernandes, Brazil

“Prior to ELLoquently my son was on his grade level with comprehension. He now exceeds his grade level! His report card stated his vocabulary is extensive for a 3rd grader. I am so grateful for this program!” – Laurel Smith (parent), CT, USA

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