Welcome to ELLoquently!


We’re so excited to announce the launch of ELLoquently. At ELLoquently, we aim to equalize access to English language learning. Due to the pandemic, many students who want to get better at English have been placed in difficult situations where it’s unsafe to have face-to-face instruction. Online English tutoring services are very expensive and simply unaffordable for most students who need the instruction. To give back to our community during this trying time, we offer to tutor students of all ages, levels, and nationalities in English for no cost at all. Our tutors are high school and college volunteers who are committed to making learning English fun! 

Our services include

  • Collaborative reading to help younger kids read more fluently
  • Grammar lessons
  • Instruction in basic English concepts
  • ???

What does the “???” mean? It means that our tutors are incredibly flexible. If your student is struggling with a specific concept, be it reading, speech, or just learning to string words together, our tutors will adapt their lesson plan according to the student’s needs. We’re here to help you, not talk at you for an hour and hope something sticks. 

In terms of the logistics, we plan to use Zoom and offer 1-2 hour sessions based on how much time the student needs. After filling out the registration form on the home page of our website, we’ll connect you with a volunteer tutor within 2-4 business days. Your student can then interact with their tutor to determine the best time to meet up. For prospective tutors, we have another form (also on our home page) that you need to fill to apply to be a tutor. Fill it out now and help us with our mission!

Access to English tutoring shouldn’t just be for those who can afford it. We offer quality tutoring free of cost. Join us to help students unlock their voices and speak ELLoquently.

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