Elloquently Update!

Hi everyone!

It’s been a month since we’ve launched Elloquently and we’ve made great progress towards achieving our goal of equalizing access to English instruction. We want to reaffirm our mission to provide free English education to people around the world. 

We’ve expanded our network to over 110 students and tutors. We’ve taken on students from America, South America, Asia, Europe and Africa. Thanks to our incredible tutors, our students are having fun learning English and making new friends. We’ve also acquired more resources, such as online subscriptions to e-books and audio materials, to assist in our teaching. 

We’re also super excited to announce that all of us at Elloquently are now advised by professional English academics with decades of experience teaching English at colleges in the United States. We’d like to especially thank Linda Clemens, a former English professor at Century College, for hosting training sessions for our tutors. Tutors now attend training sessions conducted by our advisers to learn how to best collaborate with their students.

We recognize that times are tough, and we’d like to remind everyone to please take care of themselves, stay safe, and remember that you all are not alone, even if it may seem that way. Please reach out to us if our services could help you out. 

Thanks so much,

The Elloquently Team

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