Student Testimonials

Take a look at what our students have to say about Elloquently:

Ana Oliveira, Brazil

“Elloquently is amazing! Since I started being tutored by the Elloquently team I can see my english skills improving day by day. I feel more confident to talk to natives and read books! Stephanie is really patient and very sweet, she is the best tutor I could ask for. I highly recommend it to all english learners! “

Amar Mahgoub, Sudan

“Extraordinary tutors, a noble cause, and a wonderful journey!
I have never seen such diligence, professionalism, and patience in teaching before.
Thanks to their efforts, my communication skills have drastically improved.
I will be forever grateful for Elloquently!”

Nhu Nguyen, Vietnam

I am an international student from Vietnam studying in the U.S. My brain is always out of words when I have conversations with other people in English. Therefore, I try to prevent myself from communicating with people, especially native speakers, to hide my weakness. However, my fear disappears when I have a chance to work with ELLoquently. My tutor Yu-Chen is very nice and friendly, so I don’t feel stressed when I study with her. Moreover, Yu-Chen has many different ways to help me improve my speaking, so I don’t feel bored when I work with her. During this process, the ELLoquently team always cares about my experience with my tutor. I really appreciate that. Now, my speaking skill has improved a lot. I speak more naturally and fluently, and I do not get stuck. I feel more confident in having conversations with other people in English. Getting involved in ELLoquently is a great experience for me. Thank you so much!

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